Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'll meet you in the Rockies

Today I'm going to Denver (my 2nd Home), as you all know I've lived in Colorado for the past 3 years and currently I'm in Denmark. However, it's time to go see my love.

Today's outfit: Vintage shirt, Forever21 skinny jeans, BCBG patent shoes, Ralph Lauren handbag (Fall 2010), Swiss army watch (with a J.crew watchband), my close-to-worn-out Nantucket rope Bracelet, pink bracelet from a market in Spain, gold bracelet from Forever21


Got an apartment - check!
Introduction at my new work and signed the contract - check!

Today's outfit: Ralph Lauren Black tee with gold buttons, H&M leopard scarf, skinny jeans and white Ray Ban's

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Visit Paris in Denver

Finding high end European runway fashion items in the mid west may not strike you as the easiest. But let me help you! Did you know that at Lawrence Covell in Cherry Creek North you can find, not only Chloe, Dries Van Noten, Rag and Bone, but also Giambattista Valli and Thakoon!I will blog more about Giambattista Valli some other time, but the fact that both Mary-Kate Olsen, Victoria Beckham and Jessica Biel wears it, says a lot about not only the exclusiveness but also the diversity in their clientele. I can honestly say, that if you want something a little different a tat more exclusive this is the perfect place to go!
Please say hello from 'The Danish girl' when you visit - as I used to work there.

Giambattista Valli Fall Couture 2011

If you're in Denver and you're longing for Hollywood,New York, Milan or Paris you can make it happen!


What's your initials? Mine happens to be Bente Funch Drost

Palladium comeback?

Do you remember???

Well I do! I was 10 years old, living in Denmark and I clearly remember how suddenly everyone put their Converse on hold (myself included) and picked up a pair or two of Palladiums. They were great boots for Spring and perfect shoes for Summer.  The variety of colors were huge, just like Converse is today. My favorite pair, I literally wore till the soles were worn out, they were creme-colored with lace fabric! Stunning!

Credit for the one pic above goes to Danish blogger Emily Salomon

I would love a pair of Pampa Hi (photo above) in military green! Buy them online @ Palladiumboots

Price: $55

Do you remember wearing these in the states a lot???

Time for Tea

With my new attempt to drink LESS coffee, I have very quickly found tea to be ALMOST just as great and maybe in a few month time it has become my new addiction, we shall see.

Kusmi Green is the new black!
Rose Green Tea is a green tea filled with antioxidants, the tea also consists of rose pedals which gives the tea the perfect subtle taste and smell. YUM

Replace the coffee AND the chocolate!!!!
Kusmi Tea's spicy chocolate flavored black tea is calorie-free, and each tin comes with 20 muslin bags, whether this will replace my chocolate craving or not is def. worth a try!

Break Free

I think I need a pair of the Nike Free Run+ sneakers!!!
I spoke to a sales lady last week in Copenhagen who told me that every time they got a new delivery they were sold out immediately. Ouch! Maybe I have better luck finding them in the States, where I will be headed on Wednesday! The sneakers are EXTREMELY light weight, and VERY comfortable.

What colors do you like???

My Elephant

Don't forget to check out the largest outside exhibition in Denmark ever. It's the 'Elephant Parade', with 102 baby elephants cast in fiberglass and then painted by different artists. The elephants are spread out in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg. The exhibition ends on August 25th and in the beginning of September they will be auctioned off by the Danish Auction House 'Bruun Rasmussen'. All proceeds goes to the preservation of the Asian elephants.

Read more right here


Finding a new apartment can be tough! The market is rough and it moves quicker and quicker. Nothing gets listed anymore, you need your network and you need to use it to it's full extent! Someone out there probably knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who has an apartment avaliable for the next 24 hours. It can be a struggle to find that someone. Anyway, so today I received an email about the perfect apartment - and I won't tell anyone where it's at or anything else for that matter, but let's just say - I need to have it, as it fits all of my needs, except for the description of the tiny bathroom...hm!

So...point being, it may be really hard to find an apartment, that being said, the decor of my imaginary apt. have been in my head for the past 3 month, so that will be fun. Being in Denmark I have become obsessed with the whole nautical theme, and I may bring it in to my new home - I'll let you know!

But...no matter what, you ain't nothing yet, as I will probably be sharing my obsession with anchors, lighthouses, starfish, shells etc with you guys!!!!