Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tennis Fashion Attire and Denver courts

Denver Tennis courts...
Living in Denver you have the best possibilities to get out there and swing your racket. Living close to Wash Park, it's too convenient for me to play anywhere else. There are lots of courts and fortunately you play for free. You can find three courts in the middle of the park, and about 8 courts (which is a little better) at the very south end of the park.

The tennis fashion pieces...
if anyone knows of a great place to go shop for all your tennis necessities please enlighten me!!!!:)usually I go online, and my all time favorite brand right now is Adidas by Stella McCartney!!
Nike is also on the top of my list, with great skirts, dresses and tops!

here's one great website http://tennis-wearhouse.com
Here are a few pictures of some of Stella's great pieces from previous seasons!
Danish tennis player Caroline Wozniacki,(currently ranked #1 player in the world) will continue to wear Stella during 2011 -(much appreciated):)

"This collection is for women who take their sport and their style seriously.  Why should we have to compromise one for the other?"  Stella McCartney

Monday, June 6, 2011

Chanel shades

No need to ask

My Gecco Broche

For my birthday last month, I got this little broche, which I absolutely love! I wouldn't say gecco's are my favourite pet, but filled with beautiful stones it suits my day pretty well. The jewelry piece was bought in Denmark, you can visit their website here

feathers - I love feathers

 Picture from Red Palm