Wednesday, January 26, 2011


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This upcoming weekend Denver is once again hosting the snow show. For four days the snow sport industry comes together to do business, socialize and network. At the convention there will be over 18,000 people, including vendors, buyers and investors. They are here to share the latest trends, styles and innovations from ski, snowboard, cross country, AT/Tele, backcountry, snowshoe and fashion.

Thursday, January 27 - Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'm pretty excited myself to be there this year, representing Astis Mittens, visit their facebook page here

For more information go to SIA Snow Show

Prim I am

Upcoming Danish brand focused on combining fashion and functionality into one great line of clothing. Using only the best materials and simple designs with twists and turns, I am very excited to see where this line is heading! The designers behind the brand have been inspired by places and people from all over the world, however, the design remains 100% Danish and production is kept in the EU.
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Nautical t-shirt

 Cosmos white button-down shirt w detail at the pocket

For more looks go to Prim I am

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Astis Mittens - #1 FASHION ITEM OF THE YEAR!

I'm stunned! Very rarely am I exposed to something that I find so new and hip! First time someone pulled up the website I was amazed. It was def. love at first sight. What I didn't know right away was that the creator behind the mittens was in my group of friends. I met with Brad Peterson and talked to him about the idea, the process and going forward from here. He is a very interesting young man and very inspiring at the same time.

Astis Mittens celebrate the Cree Indians history and approach to leather artistry. These native people are one of the largest remaining groups of Native Americans in North America. They are known for their handcrafted approach to leather and beadwork. The company name derived from the Cree word for mittens – Astis.

All the mittens are hand-stitched in USA with beautiful craftmanship mixed with a new technology for the inside lining, using polartec Classic300.
The forearm pattern offers a choice of uniquely designed beadwork or cowhide pattern. The beadwork patterns are original designs that are hand-stitched on heavy-duty felt. Each cowhide pattern is individually selected and hand cut to provide a great aesthetic look for the mitten.

I am getting my first pair next weekend - I just can't decide which pair I want.
Which ones do you like??

Messner Leather Gloves
Messner Leather Mittens
Displaying the Astis snowflake logo in blue and green, these mittens are named for Reinhold Messner, an Italian mountaineer and explorer. Messner, often cited as the greatest mountain climber of all time, is renowned for making the first solo ascent of Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen and for being the first climber to ascend all fourteen peaks over 8,000 meters.

 Sacagawea Leather Mittens
  Sacagawea Leather Mittens
Displaying an arrangement of flowers, these mittens are named for Sacagawea, a Lemhi Shoshone woman. Sacagawea, acting as an interpreter and guide, accompanied the Lewis and Clark Expedition in their exploration of the Western United States.

Rasmussen Leather Mittens
Rasmussen Leather Mittens
 Displaying a brown and white cloud pattern cowhide, these mittens are named for Knud Johan Victor Rasmussen, a Greenlandic Polar explorer. Rasmussen led several expeditions into the Artic region and was the first person to cross the Northwest Passage via dog sled.

Amundsen Leather Mittens
Amundsen Leather Mittens
 Displaying a blue shield with a gold snowflake, these mittens are named for Roald Amundsen, a Norwegian explorer of the Polar Regions. Amundsen led the first Antarctic expedition to reach the South Pole and was the first person to reach both the North and South Poles and traverse the Northwest Passage.

Mackenzie Leather Mittens
Mackenzie Leather Mittens
 Displaying a black and white cloud pattern cowhide, these mittens are named for Alexander Mackenzie, a Scottish-Canadian explorer. In 1789, looking for the Northwest Passage, Mackenzie followed the river now named after him to the Arctic Ocean and then in 1793 crossed the Rockies and reached the Pacific; becoming the first individual to complete a transcontinental crossing of North America; beating Lewis and Clark by 12 years.

Price range from $175-$195  - ships world wide!

WAIT, did I remember to tell you that you can find Astis Mittens at the SIA Snow Show in Denver next weekend. I will be there too - so please stop by and say hi! Find us at booth # 2964

stay warm - stay positive

Monday, January 24, 2011

The UGG-liest boots?

Some people say UGG's are the ugliest boots - I don't agree. In this case I chose comfort over anything else, I love mine..
They are great, warm and comfortable boots that I can't live without. I always wear them when I go skiing, and there is nothing better coming down from the slopes and slip your feet into some soft sheepskin!

Sista Sista

I miss my sister!
Last time I was back in Denmark to visit - we played around with the photobooth - here's what came out of it!


'A perfectly kept house is the sign of a misspent life'
This is my new coffee table book, written by Mary Randolph Carter. A great book about interior design and how you can find solace and a little beauty in the clutter of things, that we cherish in our everyday lives. It's features all the personal aspects of a home and how to make your home function with dogs, kids, old books, your grandmother's ironstone dishes and all the other madness we bring into our homes.

Find the book at any Ralph Lauren store for only $55
In Denver: Polo Ralph Lauren, Cherry Creek Mall, Home Collection

Fashion Alert

Spring is here...almost

Throughout the next month I will post some of my favorite collections for Spring 2011, I'm so excited to see all the new merchendise in the stores and not just on the runway pictures from
One thing I know for sure - I want suede, laces and lots of creme and nude! (black, I will be buying anyway)

Picture from Celine Spring2011

Sunday, January 23, 2011


I really don't care too much about make-up, but one thing I do like whether I'm going to work or going out at night, is too paint my lips in a nude tone. I have used one from Helena Rubinstein for a long time now, that I absolutely love, but I am pretty open to try the Aveda products shown in the video below.

Helena Rubinstein Wanted Shine Dazzling Shine & Voluptuous Comfort SPF 10 Lipstick

Make-up Tutorial: The Nude lip



'Admire' from Acne, leather wedge bootie, $680
Visit Acne Studios

Fashionable YOUNG

Even though I don't have any kids I would love to share this exclusive line of children's and baby clothes with you. It's designer clothes for kids. It's the best quality. It's over-the-top. It's beautiful!
Bonnie Young used to work as creative director for Donna Karan before she started her own exclusive line of clothing for children and infants with a line of furniture as well. They only have one store in the US, and it's in Aspen. Over Christmas I helped Dana, the store manager, with a fashion show for Bonnieyoung, done at the top of Ajax Mountain. It was so much fun and all the models looked beautiful in their Bonnieyoung outfits.
You can always find great cashmere's, organic cotton under garments, woven dresses and great outerwear with rabbit fur!

Here is a few pic. from the show (behind the scenes)

Find the store at 674 E Cooper Ave, next to Poppycocks
or visit their website here


I was given these AMAZING Kex Pleather jeans from Acne for Christmas. Unfortunately, the size was a little off so I send them back to an online store in Canada. So, I started looking for a pair in my size, but they were nowhere to be found. So now I'm getting desperate - I need to own them!! Maybe I should just give in and look for them in Sweden or Denmark and have them shipped from there.

Here they are...

Acne Kex Pleather Jeans: Skinny jeans with low rise in sanded shine finished black cotton. Distressed gunmetal rivets. Tone on tone stitching $300
Find them at the online store in Canada Ssense

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Brazilets - wear your wishes!

I absolutely love Brazilets bracelets!
It's a 200 year old tradition and fashion accessory from Bahia, Brazil. They are worn world wide and supposedly they bring good luck to those who wear them. You tie three knots for three wishes, when your bracelet eventually falls off it is said that your wishes will come true.
They are only $5 each and they come in great colors - and no one said you can't wear more than one at a time.
I chose a light pink one - it's still on my wrist, who knows when it's falling off!

 Brazilets is committed to helping preserve and protect the Amazon Rainforest!

Buy your Brazilets here

Original Art from an amazing artist! Courtney Goldsmith Broadwater...

Do you like to paint your walls with Claude Monet's Water lillies?
I like them - but they are just not for me.
I want something original, something personal and something that I can't find in other peoples houses.
Last year for my birthday I received a great gift - a piece of art, done by my friend Courtney Goldsmith Broadwater, who works out of NYC.
She made a bear drawing of my Newfoundland dog. She made a story to go with it, saying that my dog Indie Mae is actually a bear but that she dresses up like a dog so that she can sleep inside the house. Even the dog collar is matching what my dog wears now. I absolutely love it, and she made a whole series of bear drawings and a series of cats. I'm excited to see what's next!
Here are some of her drawings

The first one is now hanging on my wall

Find Courtney's work and contact information at Spot Winston Studio