Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar to Denmark

Congratulations to Danish director Susanne Bier for winning the award for best foreign language movie 'IN A BETTER WORLD'!!!

The Orange craving

I told you I wanted something orange, this dress looks amazing with the accent colored blue scarf! Love it!

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kate moss 
Kate Moss: 'Nothing tastes as good as feeling skinny feels'
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Oscar Night Tonight!

diaz_cohen.jpgpenelope1.jpgNatalie PortmanSeal and Heidi KlumPenelope CruzTaraji P. HensonMelissa GeorgeAmy Adams

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Why do we watch award shows again? To see the dresses...of course! Happy Sunday Oscar night to everyone!

Stella Lingerie

 Collection Lingerie SS11 19
 Collection Lingeries SS11 02
 Collection Lingerie SS11 04
 Collection Lingerie SS11 15
 Collection Lingerie SS11 13
 Collection Lingerie SS11 18
 Collection Lingerie SS11 14

As always, beautiful Lingerie collection from Stella Mccartney Spring/Summer 2011, I don't think all the pieces are available yet, but here is a little preview of what will be in stores soon! Enjoy!

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Filling the space

As you may know, Saks Fifth Avenue is closing down their location in the Cherry Creek Mall, which is sad but true. However, looking at the bright side there are several rumors to what will fill the 87,000 square feet in the mall, and I am pretty happy about all the names that have circled around. Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomindale's, Zara or H&M. Nothing is final yet, and who knows, maybe the space will be empty for a while, but I'm really hoping for a Zara or a H&M since we don't have any in Colorado. Growing up in Denmark, I have always shopped in H&M and later on Zara as well. I think that they have some great items for VERY reasonable prizes! We shall see...

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Kaos Pizza Denver and Purple Haze beer

I discovered this place last Summer and it's really one of my favorite places to go on a warm Summer night. If you live in the Wash Park area you can easily ride your bike there and park it outside. I am not a huge pizza fan myself, but they do have the best pizza in town (I've been told), the salads are wonderful too, but the best part of this small local spot is the little cozy backyard with casual seating, that instantly makes you feel at home. Last but not least they serve one of my favorite beers, called Purple Haze, which I haven't found anywhere  else in Denver. It's a must-go-to place in Denver!
Kaos is located on South Pearl:)


It's sad but it's true, there aren't any good flea markets in Denver on Sundays, at least none that I know of. If you know of any - PLEASE let me know. I love to dig through treasures of old antique furnitures, vintage jewelry and historic silverware ect. Anyway, I'm making my own flea market experiences in Denver by visiting some of the thrift stores around here. This is what I found yesterday. A beautiful hacking jacket with suede elbow patches and collar ($3) , a nice frame ($3) and a little wooden side table($9). So even though you have to go through all the crab that also fills the thrift stores, the prices may be better than what you get at a popular New York flea Market!

I found all the items at Goodwill in Glendale, Denver

More Lara Stone

47613ccffbe3 Lara Stone for Numero February 2007 Desktop Wallpaper-s > Models > Lara Stone in Prada Ad

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The books the charm

This may seem a little odd, but I have many ideas to how my dream house would look like. One of my dreams has always been to have a built-in bookshelf, as I love reading, I love to look at all the great works from my favorite authors and it's such a personal touch to your home and to who you are!

Sell it!


Somebody, take this phrase and run with it, it's going to sell..big time!
I have absolutely no idea where this t-shirt came from or who the boy is in the picture, but I like it!

Isabel Marant look book Spring 2011

Isabel Marant's look book from Spring 2011 is beautiful. It's not too over the top, and all the individual pieces seems very easy to to wear. It's a nice blend of shorts, dresses, cropped pants mixed with rugby shirts and college jackets. This is not one of my favorite collections, but I like a lot of the pieces separately and the fact that this 'ready-to-wear' collection is in fact READY TO WEAR (for the most part)! If you don't want to show of your legs, this may not be the collection for you!

photos photosphotosphotosphotosphotosphotosphotosphotosphotosphotos

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