Saturday, January 22, 2011

Original Art from an amazing artist! Courtney Goldsmith Broadwater...

Do you like to paint your walls with Claude Monet's Water lillies?
I like them - but they are just not for me.
I want something original, something personal and something that I can't find in other peoples houses.
Last year for my birthday I received a great gift - a piece of art, done by my friend Courtney Goldsmith Broadwater, who works out of NYC.
She made a bear drawing of my Newfoundland dog. She made a story to go with it, saying that my dog Indie Mae is actually a bear but that she dresses up like a dog so that she can sleep inside the house. Even the dog collar is matching what my dog wears now. I absolutely love it, and she made a whole series of bear drawings and a series of cats. I'm excited to see what's next!
Here are some of her drawings

The first one is now hanging on my wall

Find Courtney's work and contact information at Spot Winston Studio